Monday, October 6, 2008

Final Post and Thank You

Over the course of the last several weeks, an overwhelming amount of support for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and Bishop Robert Duncan has been directed to this site. Thank you for taking the time to share you comments and prayers for Bishop Duncan and all of us here in the diocese. Though this site will no longer be updated, any messages directed to the contact email address above will be forwarded to their intended recipients.

Yours in Christ,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

GAFCON Primates Council Speaks in Support of Bishop Duncan

The fact, timing and manner of the action taken by the American House of Bishops toward Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh has filled us with dismay. He is a Bishop in good standing in the Anglican Communion, and is guilty only of guarding his people from false teaching and corrupt behaviour as he promised to do. Once more the upholders of the orthodox faith are made to suffer at the hands of those who have introduced new teachings.

However, the action has also had the effect of clarifying matters even further. It is now impossible to believe that the exhortations of the Lambeth Conference and the Windsor Continuation Group will be heeded. No Pastoral Forum has been established. We remain convinced that the faithful Anglicans of North America need to have their own Province recognised by the Communion as a whole. We are determined to stand with Bishop Duncan and those who, like him, have protested in the name of God against the unscriptural innovations which have caused such divisions amongst us.

In the absence of other substantive provision from the historic structures of the Communion, the Primates’ Council gives its full support to Archbishop Greg Venables in receiving Bishop Duncan as a Bishop in good standing in the Province of the Southern Cone.

Editor's Note: Members of the Primates Council are
Archbishops Peter Akinola of Nigeria, Justice Akrofi of West Africa, Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda, Valentino Mokiwa of Tanzania, Benjamin Nzmibi of Kenya, Henry Orombi of Uganda and Gregory Venables of The Southern Cone. They lead approximately 35 million of the world's active Anglican Christians.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Support from Bishop A.B. Lamido of Nigeria


I visited Pittsburgh in April, 2008 at the peak of the deposition and the re-alignment discussion. I remember vividly telling Bishop Duncan that the Church of Nigeria is standing by him. This is a man whose perspicacity and perpendicularity are unimpeachable. This is a man whose commitment to evangelism and stand on biblical truths are unquestioning and unswerving. He refused to be waltzed into an elf-like way of interpreting scripture. With this deposition I think God is telling Bishop Duncan in the words of John Wesley that ‘the world is my parish’.

I noted with joy, that the Southern Cone received Bishop Duncan into their fold immediately after he was deposed. We thank all those who stand on the Catholic faith as handed to us by the apostles. We call on all Christians to continue to pray against all the enemies of the catholic faith. The Church is marching on and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Bishop A. B. Lamido
Wusasa - Zaria

Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Words to Pittsburgh from J.I. Packer

World renown Anglican theologian, the Rev. Dr. J.I. Packer, was asked today what is his recommendation to the Diocese of Pittsburgh as they consider the resolution to separate from The Episcopal Church and join the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone. Dr. Packer answered with three short words: "Vote for it."

(As posted on BabyBlue Online 9/27/06, speaking at the ADV Synod, Church of the Epiphany, Herndon, VA)

Comment From Bishop of Birkenhead, England

I was privileged to meet +Bob at the Lambeth Conference and I can’t understand why those also present have now acted against him in this way. To have split the Communion by ignoring all the pleas not to innovate against the clearly expressed mind of the Communion and then to pretend that it is +Bob who has in some way departed form the faith is an example of profound self deception. To have proceeded in this way seems to myself, who first met TEC Bishops at Lambeth, that for all the fine words, a deeper force is driving this which is immune to the calls for unity and truth. TEC asked for diversity to be respected. Where is even elementary respect for the diversity of gospel orthodoxy represented by +Bob and the diocese of Pittsburgh? If the diocese was still undecided as to how to proceed in relation to TEC, this action would surely move them to leave. TEC may want to uphold its own distorted sense of its own polity. It should not now be surprised if the rest of the Anglican Communion now moves to assert its polity, without TEC.

Keith Sinclair
Bishop of Birkenhead, England

Friday, September 26, 2008

Diocese of Nelson, New Zealand, Passes Resolution in Support of Pittsburgh, Bishop Duncan

We have received confirmation that the following resolution was passed today by Synod of the Diocese of Nelson in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia.

That this Synod:

(1) the deposition of Bishop Bob Duncan, Bishop of Pittsburgh in The Episcopal Church, by the assembled bishops of that church, on 18 September 2008;
(2) the good standing and high reputation Bishop Bob Duncan has as an orthodox Anglican bishop, as represented by statements of support being expressed in recent days by the Archbishops of Sydney, Nigeria, Rwanda, Southern Cone, West Indies, Kenya, Jerusalem and the Middle East, Singapore, numerous bishops within The Episcopal Church itself, and the Bishops of Winchester, Rochester, Chester, Exeter, Blackburn and Chichester;
(3) various developments in The Episcopal Church and in the Anglican Church of Canada in recent years which place increasing pressure on faithful orthodox Anglicans to conform to changes in theology, liturgy and ethics rather than to uphold and maintain the 2000 year old teaching of the church;

offers its support to Bishop Bob Duncan, to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and to all bishops and dioceses in The Episcopal Church and in the Anglican Church of Canada as they seek to find a way forward which embodies the true spirit of orthodox Anglicanism.

From Caleb and Denise Culver, Kennewick, Washington

We so appreciate your faithfulness to the Jesus Christ, to the Gospel, and to His church in Pittsburgh. During our graduate studies at CMU, we attended Church of the Ascension, a church that we love deeply. We were blessed to hear you speak on a couple of occasions and we briefly met you when we became members of that church. Although we have been back in the Northwest for a few years now, we have continued to pray for Ascension, the Pittsburgh diocese, and for you. We thank the Lord for His provision of your leadership in Pittsburgh, and we will continue to lift you in prayer.

Caleb and Denise Culver
Kennewick, Washington